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Jetpack Joyride flies onto Android, Sort of…

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Android Apps and Games are becoming more and more popular and that is in no small part thanks to the iOS games that have gone before. So many iOS games have been ‘ported’ to the Android platform and now, the highly regarded and particularly addictive iOS game ‘Jetpack Joyride’ has been made available for Android devices. Jetpack Joyride comes direct from Halfbrick Studios, the creators of the hugely popular slash and slice classic game: Fruit Ninja. You play as main character Barry who breaks into a secret lab and uses the Machine Gun Jetpack to thwart the evil scientists. As well as destroying the evil doers and completing the missions, you [as Barry] also have to collect coins throughout the game. With the coins you collect you can then buy better equipment from “The Stash” to help you progress further in the game. It isn’t just as simple as destroying the evil scientists though, there are guided missiles, lasers and electricity fields to avoid while dealing with the evil scientists and collecting your coins, making the game a little trickier than it may at first seem but, also making it almost impossible to put down hence its ‘addictive’ billing. Unfortunately, there is however one small catch. The game is currently only available on the Amazon AppStore exclusively. For folks in America wanting to try this game, the worse case scenario is that it will be an inconvenience to download and install as the Amazon AppStore will need to be installed on the Android device first, before logging into Amazon with the Android app to access the game download. For those in other countries however this procedure isn’t even an option yet as Amazon still hasn’t released their AppStore outside of the US. Hopefully though, the Amazon AppStore exclusivity won’t last too long and will soon be available on the Google Play Store where it will be so much easier to access, download and play – a lot.

JetPack Joyride