Kairosoft releases Robotic Security Sim Kairobotica for Android

It’s always a good day whenever Kairosoft drops a new Android Game, but today is a great day as they’ve just released Kairobotica. It not only has the coolest name out of all their games, but it’s also shaping up to be the best of the bunch as well. Kairobotica is all about the Kairobot Corps which is a mass-produced army of robot policeman of sorts. You’re in charge of these galactic peace keepers and you’ll have to send them to planets in need of help and put them on patrol against evil space villains. You’re going to do all this in true Kairosoft fashion which means lots of building, upgrading, and gathering. Kairobotica is set in space so it’s going to be “similar” to Epic Astro Story, but there are some very cool new elements involved like collecting animals for display, actual combat, and lots and lots of Robots of course!


I noticed this one when it came out yesterday afternoon, and was excited to see it arrive as myself and a lot of other fans have been waiting on Kairobotica. At first glance it definitely seems like we’re not going to be disappointed in the least as early reports are not just good…but great. I’ve already purchased this one myself and will be spending a whole lotta’ time with this one over the weekend. There is no lite version available yet, but the full version of Kairobotica can be all yours for only $4.99.

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