Kairosoft releases The PyraPlex for Android

pyraplex android We reported a few weeks back that Kairosoft was coming with a new game, and now it’s arrived renamed as The Pyraplex. It’s a much catchier name than Pyramid Kingdom Excavation, and more fitting considering you’re trying to build a shopping mall of sorts in ancient Egypt. The Pyraplex puts you to work building a Pyramid/Shopping Complex in the desert with the goal of bringing in customers and expanding your Pyraplex. Think Mega-Mall Story in a pyramid and you get the idea. You’ll have to get people from around the ancient world to come to Egypt for trade, and the more money you get the more cool shops you’ll be able to buy. Everything in the game hasn cool Egyptian feel to it and while we don’t know if there’s any digging involved, I’m betting you’ll see a few mummies. I haven’t played The Pyraplex yet, as it just arrived this morning and I knew better than to fire up a game I’d veg out to this early in the day. Kairosoft games are dangerous to your free time and social life… always keep that in mind. As usual, there’s no demo available at the moment, but you can expect one within the next week or two.  If you’d like to give the full version a go you can pick up Kairosoft’s The Pyraplex for $4.99 on Google Play.

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