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Kairosoft sneaks two New Games onto Google Play

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Kariosoft is the sneakiest (in a good way) company in gaming as they tend to drop games randomly without any warning. Watching for the Japanese versions is generally the best way to see what’s coming and this month two new Kairosoft titles have appeared in the market with Card Change and Shining Kairobot. We’ll start off with what we know about Cario became a star-kun or Shining Kairobot if you prefer. This looks to be another space themed simulation game of sorts and here’s what I learned from the translated market description. Robots are involved in some sort of security force that can make you a star in the world of universe… gotta’ love bad translations. There’s also something in there about combating monsters, living in harmony to capture things, Cosmo Zoo’s and tourists. The other game in question is called Card Change and it’s the first non-sim game that we’ve seen from Kairosoft. This one’s un-translated as well, but it looks to be a card game similar to hearts with power-ups and the like. Definitely different, and it makes me wonder what else Kairosoft has behind the doors of their super secretive setup.


I like a lot of other fans, get excited any time I see a new Kairosoft title hit the Play store. Some are much better than others, but I haven’t really played a “bad” one yet. Shiny Robot Kun or whatever it’s called looks to be pretty cool, but seems very similar to Epic Astro while Card Change is something completely new and very unexpected. I think we’ll see an English version of the robot game, but who knows about Card Change as we are STILL waiting to get translated version of the clothing store game. Rest assured we’ll bring you anything new related to either of these new games; if you’d like to read more about the two new games or even get an English walkthrough you can visit the fine folks at

Card Change

Shining Kairobot Robot Space Game