Kairosoft's Pocket League Story Out Now for Android

Kariosoft has finally released the English version of Pocket League Story and I, for one, am excited. The mysterious game makers known as Kariosoft have become well known for their popular line of “Story” games. If you’ve ever played Game Dev Story or Grand Prix Story (sorry Hot Springs) you know their games are highly addictive, and like some sort of gaming-crack. Fans have been foaming at the mouth for an English version of Pocket League since July, and now the wait is over.

Pocket League Story puts you in charge of your own soccer team and allows you to pick players, sell merchandise, and train among other tasks. I also saw the phrase “erect a gym—even a stadium” in the description, and that sounds very interesting. The game is awesome so far, so rest assured there will be a full review in the very near future… when I can manage to put the game down long enough to write one. There is no free version of Pocket League Story out yet, but the paid version is well-worth the $5.18 it costs in the market. Pocket League Story

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