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Keep a Gnome in your Pocket with Gnomochi for Android

by On

I’ve seen some strange Android Apps in my time covering the world of Android, and Gnomochi has to be somewhere near the top of my list. If you love the little forest folk you’ll be in Gnome heaven and if you find them a bit unsettling like I do you can still have some fun with the app. Gnomochi is a virtual pet app that lets you take care of a tiny Gnome. He lives in a small clearing in the forest and comes complete with a deer. Why does the carnivorous sweet little creature have a deer? I have no idea (probably to eat), but you can move him around the scene if you choose to do so. The second time I fired up the game there was a bear and a fox, but no deer and no bones lying around that I could see. That being said there’s no pinch/zoom feature and Gnomochi looks a bit fatter. The app lets you interact with your Gnome in several different ways from giving Mr. Gnomochi a bath to just sitting around watching him smoke his pipe. You can also increase Gnomochi’s strength with an apple catching mini-game, just stay away from the green ones as Gnome’s done dig Granny Smiths. I have a feeling I’ve just scratched the surface of Gnomochi and who knows what wonders lie ahead. There could be narwhals or unicorns… possibly both as you just never know about Gnomes. I’m generally not one for virtual pets on my phone, but I’ll admit Gnomochi has me intrigued and I’ll probably be revisiting this one in the near future with a full review. If you want to get your Gnome on you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Noe Guerrero’s Gnomochi for free.