Keep an Eye on things with Baby Monitor & Alarm for Android

Babies… you’ve gotta love the little guys. They’re all cute and stuff, but they’re pretty much helpless. They need to be watched and baby monitors have always done the job if you have to leave the room for a few minutes. Well, the Baby Monitor & Alarm App from TappyTaps can certainly help you out in that area, and it’s got some pretty nifty features to boot. Bascially, you’ll setup the app and set the phone up in the room with said baby. The Baby Monitor & Alarm app can be setup to play your voice or music if the baby gets noisy; if the baby doesn’t calm down the alarm will call you on any number you set after a specific amount of time. A few other things I liked were the ability to set the microphone sensitivity, Low battery SMS warning, and the Time to leave room countdown. The developers thought it wise to remind folks of a few key facts before they use the app. Most of these are common sense being as you’re basically setting up a phone to monitor your child, but I could see people forgetting numbers 2 and 4…

  • Baby Monitor & Alarm is NOT a substitute for human supervision
  • Make sure you have a good signal on the phone or it can’t call you
  • Check your phone battery before use or leave it plugged into the charger
  • Remember to check any Task Managers that are running so they won’t kill the App

I would think most people would know that an Android App isn’t a substitute for human supervision, but you just never know about people nowadays. Either way, the Baby Monitor & Alarm app looks to be a very handy app to have, and all the features I tested worked like a charm. There’s a free version of the app to try that limits your monitoring to 20 minutes at a time while the full version give you unlimited monitoring for only $2.99.

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