How to Keep Yourself Looking Fresh for a Meeting While on the Go

And you thought you had this whole working remotely thingnailed down. There are some tips and tricks to looking good for meeting, when you have put it been putting down the miles. Whether you’re hopping on a jet plane or piloting your minivan at warp speed, looking fresh and professional takes some tips and tricks that aren’t going to appear on your resume or curriculum vitae. You want to look your best, but as working person you don’t have time to get in the makeup chair. Let’s cover things that men and women can do to look their best on video without blowing big money.


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When it comes to videoconferences, women generally worry more about their appearance than men. And if for graphic from Entrepreneur Magazine shows that only 36 percent of men worry about how lighting will affect their appearance and only 18 percent are concerned about what they’re wearing. The thing is that how we look on video is very different from how we look in person, and when you are not used to appearing on video you may not know some of the tips that can make you look your best.


  • Don’t be the shiny object. The glare of lighting bouncing off your nose or forehead can be very distracting on video. You don’t need a trip to the makeup counter, but GQ has a few recommendations to help you get the shine under control. Just having a few of these to your morning grooming, and a pack of oil blotting cloths in your backpack can have you video ready in seconds. There’s even an anti-shine moisturizer from Kiehl’s that is a staple for news anchors and on-site reporters.
  • Brush your hair. A hairstyle that looks like you’ve been standing in a crosswind is not going to impress a lot of people with your professionalism. Think of appearing on camera as a cross between a video job interview and being an on-site news reporter. You want to project the same professionalism, ease, and confidence that you would in either of the above situations. If you have to use a little product to tame your luscious locks, ask your barber to recommend one. And if you don’t have a barber – get one.
  • Sometimes even a pack of Wet Ones can go a long way towards freshening you up. Keep some in your backpack or briefcase, or in the glove box of your car. Sometimes it’s even better when they’re icy cold.



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Women are a lot more self-conscious about their appearance than they are about actual public speaking. Once you put your fears about your appearance to rest, and have learned how to use services like BlueJeans, you’ll be much more at ease on camera for your mobile video communications. However, when you’ve been on the run all day or even just gotten off that long-haul flight, you do need a few touchups to look and feel your best.


  • A waterless cleanser is always a great addition to any purse, briefcase, or backpack. You can take off the old and put on the new, or just go bare. With these products you just apply and wipe, there is no need to rinse and your skin will be clean and soft.
  • Think about the makeup that you would wear to a business function or job interview, this is exactly the impression that you want to give participants in a video conference. Your makeup should be minimal, appropriate, and professional.
  • Don’t forget a quick touchup for your hair. Even as your hair is au naturel, it will benefit from a quick once over to talk away any stray hairs and tame your baby bangs. A light application of gel or other product and get it looking interview perfect.


You don’t have to be primetime perfect, but you can still look professional, fresh, and self-assured. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure that their first impression of you is overwhelmingly positive, professional, and enthusiastic.

It may even pay at a certain point in your career to work with professional stylist who can help you refine your look into something that is easy to maintain, comfortable, and uniquely you. Stylists work with both men and women in all sorts of industries from entertainment to tech to help them project their own unique sense of themselves and their style. You can even think of this as part of the Department of Labor’s soft skills checklist, which is as essential as the skills detailed on your resume. By presenting yourself professionally, and showing enthusiasm and a positive attitude, your video calls and meetings can have a significant impact on your career.


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