Keep track of your Expenses with Guilt for Android

Guilt for Android is a new financial app from Flick that aims to help you keep track of your expenses in a colorful way. It may also help you cut down on the frugal spending by making you feel a bit guilty for blowing your hard earned cash on things you could have done without. Guilt for Android is extremely easy to setup and use. When you first fire up the app you’re taken to a menu where you can add new expenses by simply clicking the + button.  All you need to do is fill out what your expenses are and pick a “guilt color” according to how that purchase makes you feel. The shades run from green to red with green being guilt free and red being an impulse buy. You can enter in information daily, and then browse by week, month or year to see how things are shaking out. As you can see from the screenshot I whipped up it gives you a nice view of what you’ve spent and your percentage of good purchases vs. guilty ones. Guilt for Android is simple to use and a cool way to keep track of things if you hate keeping track of things. The color coded views give you a good idea of how you’re spending your money, and where you’ve got room to cut back. There’s a fully functioning free version of Guilt you can try dubbed Guilt Free and if you like what you see you can pick up the full version of Guilt which removes ads, lets you change currencies, and allows you to edit dates. You can find either version of Flick’s Guilt for Android on Google Play.

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