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Keep Track of your Loved Ones with Family by Sygic

by On

Staying safe in today’s world isn’t always easy, and GPS tracking is a tool well suited for keeping tabs on your loved ones. Family by Sygic is an app that utilizes the wonders of GPS to help ease your mind when your family is scattered around town, so you can rest easy and receive word if they wander a little too far from home. Family by Sygic is a tracking app that lets you see the location of your family in real-time on a map or using augmented reality. Sure there are some other apps that do that, but here’s what else Family can do. You can send out SOS messages in case you ever get into trouble or if you’re afraid that your children will go somewhere they’re not supposed to be you can setup a Geofence or Safe Zones. This is a very handy feature as Family by Sygic will let you know if someone enters or leaves a “safe zone” via notification. You can also set the app up with administrative permissions to where only parents/admins can adjust settings and manage safe-zones. Basically if you’re worried about losing your kids or just want to keep a close eye on them, Family by Sygic has you covered. I was only able to give the app a few limited tests as I don’t have kids, but the few features I was able to try worked well and the layout is very easy to use. I’ve seen a few of my friends use these type of apps, and I have to say that Family by Sygic is one of the slickest looking tracking apps I’ve seen. If you’re not a “techie” you should have no problem using and setting up Family either… simple stuff. If you’re looking for a new family tracking app to try out Family by Sygic looks to be a good one to get and it’s free, all you need to do is setup an account which you can do from within the app. If you’d like to give it a try you can pick up Family by Sygic on Google Play.

Family by Sygic