Everyone’s favorite serial killer returned last week as Dexter aired it’s season premier. An update to Showtime’s Dexter Android app got an update a few days before season 7’s premier and it contains a nifty new feature that Dexter fans should enjoy. The official Dexter app is a good way to keep up to date on the show and it has several different sections to entertain you with information about the show, videos, a photo booth, and a new addition to the app called Dexter’s Disciples. The Show tab gives you information about the show, cast & crew, and episodes along with several different wallpapers. The video section has a ton of video clips from the show; it looks like it spans every season and has various clips from different conventions and interviews. The photo booth lets you put your picture into different settings like on Dexter’s body or zipped up in a body bag while Dexter’s Disciple is a new addition to the app. I know it’s a game that involves blood slides, but other than that I have no idea as it requires you to log into Facebook to play. The Dexter App is a nice one to have on hand if you’re a fan, and I was pretty impressed by the amount of videos they have even if 99% of them are clips. The reason I said 99% is because the first episode of season 7 is actually included in its entirety which a nice surprise for fans of the show. The app itself is easy to navigate and while the video quality isn’t necessarily HD quality it’s not horrible either… just average. If you’re a fan of Dex you’ll probably want to check the Dexter app out and you can snag it for free on Google Play.

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