Keep Warwick Davis in your Pocket with PocketWarwick for Android

If you’ve ever dreamed of keeping Warwick Davis in your pocket today’s your lucky day. PocketWarwick is an Android App starring Warwick Davis and it’s definitely one of the more interesting apps we’ve come across. If you don’t know who Warwick Davis is (I’m disappointed in you) here’s the skinny. He’s been in everything you can imagine including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Willow, and he was the Leprechaun in all those awesome Leprechaun movies. His most recent work was on An Idiot Abroad and Life’s Too Short, both excellent shows. Needless to say, a lot of people are fans (myself included) and thanks to PocketWarwick you can now keep the actor with you at all times. The goal of the “game” is to help Warwick get from the Z-list to the A-list and you’ll do this by going on auditions. The auditions consists of you wearing the proper attire and following a few requirements like good hygiene or a high IQ. There’s really not much to it, if you meet the requirements you get XP and a few coins. The fun comes into play from helping Warwick keep his stats up which is where things get interesting. Warwick has 5 attribute gauges you’ll have to watch over with Hunger, Energy, IQ, Fitness, Entertainment, and Hygiene. You can take on actions around his home to boost these stats which will go down over time whether the game is running or not. The actions are hilarious and vary from Warwick singing in the shower to watching TV or working out. You can interact with Warwick in several different ways, and you will want to keep him happy. You wouldn’t like Warwick when he’s angry… Last, but certainly not least we’ve got the shop. This is where you’ll spend your money buying things like costumes, wallpaper, food, and furniture. There are a lot of cool items to buy, but the costumes are obviously what you’ll want to go after first. I’ll just say there’s everything from frog and panda costumes to big white powdered wigs. As cool as the gear is its expensive and you’ll have to play the game for ages or come out of pocket to get some of the cooler stuff. PocketWarwick is an interesting, but bizarre game that takes the virtual person/pet thing to a whole new level. As a whole it’s very well done and you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate the humor behind the app. My only issue with PocketWarwick lies with the shop setup as the game gets grindy quick when you can’t unlock the clothing you need. That being said, it’s still a lot of fun to fool around with, and it’s an app worth keeping on your phone for the novelty factor alone. I’ve spent countless hours with PocketWarwick over the past few days and it’s an app I’ll be keeping on my phone for a long, long time. If you’re looking for something different or are a fan of Warwick Davis you should definitely check it out. You can pick up Matmi & Ridgegate Digital’s PocketWarwick for free on Google Play.


Warrick Davis (Official)

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