The NFL Season kicks off with a full schedule of games this weekend, and Full Fat is doing a little kick off of their own. NFL Kicker 13 is the newest Android game from the team at Full Fat, and if you’ve enjoyed their other kicking games it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re going to dig this one as well.

NFL Kicker 13 puts you to work on the field in a series of challenges that will test your kicking skills as well as your finger strength. If you’ve played any of Full Fat’s other flick/kick games you’ll have no trouble getting down to business with NFL Kicker 13, and if you’re new to the games it’s very simple. You basically swipe left and right to pan around the screen a bit and swipe/flick through the ball to kick it. If you need to put a little English on the ball after the kick you can swipe left or right quickly while it’s in the air to hook in in either direction. NFL Kicker 13 has several different modes of play, and several different types of power-ups that can be used to increase your score and give you a leg up in the game. NFL Kicker 13 also as an equipment store, coins store, and a section that lets you upgrade your stadium as well. The equipment store lets you buy uniforms for different NFL teams, some cleats & gloves or cheerleaders while the Stadium tab lets you upgrade your stadium by adding flags lights, screens, and tiers. The coin shop is pretty self-explanatory so no need to go over that one.

NFL Kicker 13 is a solid sports game, and a great way to get ready for the NFL season on your mobile device. The game’s more difficult than one might expect too as you’ll start out nailing everything you flick, but the wind will get very, very strong as you progress in each level. There is no free version of the game to try, but you can pick up the full version of Full Fat’s NFL Kicker 13 for $0.99 on Google Play.

NFL Kicker 13

Full Fat

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