Kickstarter Picks: Days of Dawn by Bumblebee

days of dawn kickstarter There have been some interesting Android games pop up on Kickstarter lately, and Days of Dawn is a new one that quickly grabbed our attention. Days of Dawn is a slick looking RPG that lets you explore a world full of bizarre creatures and you’re going to take them on using your emotions instead of a sword. RPG’s are a dime a dozen, but Days of Dawn looks to do things differently with its intriguing storyline and unique battle system. You’ll get to put together battle parties that consist of three to seven people as you head off for adventure in an open world full of mystery. The storylines are nonlinear as well which is great as nobody likes being forced down a certain path. The game takes place in a world where magic has just taken hold, and people with the gift can unleash it through emotional outbursts. As you advance in the game you’ll learn to control those magical outbursts and hone them into an emotional force to be reckoned with. There’s a bit more to it than that, but you get the gist of it. As you can see from the screenshots Days of Dawn is an awesome looking RPG, and to say the battle system is unique would be an understatement. There’s an in-depth description on their Kickstarter page that explains it much better than I ever could. Bumblebee is offering all sorts of cool rewards for backers as well; you can get anything from a signed game poster to limited edition figurines. The top-tier donators get a ton of nice swag, and can “get in the game” as a NPC character… you also get to design your own monster which is very, very cool. Days of Dawn has 24 days left in its campaign and currently they’ve made around $14,000 of their $95,000 goal. If you think the game is half as cool as we do and want to give them some backing you can head on over to their Kickstarter page and get started. If you’d like to know more about Team Bumblebee or the game itself just hit the links below.

Days of Dawn on Kickstarter


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