I normally don’t cover much tech unless it’s something I think is really cool, and luckily KickStarter is full of cool gear. When browsing for things to invest in I recently stumbled across a little project that’s set to change the game… the charging game that is as ChargeCard looks to be a simple an effective way to charge your mobile device. ChargeCard is basically a USB Cable that’s super thin, and folds up to fit nicely in your pocket, purse, or in the credit card slot of your wallet. If you’ve ever seen those mini credit card bulb lights that pop-up you’ll have a good idea of the size of this little thing. The card itself plugs directly into the charging port on your phone, and it has a small “arm” in the middle that flips out and can be plugged into anything with a USB port. That means you can charge your mobile device from your laptop, desktop, keyboards, TV’s, Ps3’s… basically anything and everything that has a USB port.

There are several different levels of backing on KickStarter, and yes it is available for Android although most of the pictures just show the iPhone. Due to overwhelming requests from Android users (good job guys) the inventors are popping out a Micro USB ChargCard just for us, and they should be ready to roll out around November. This is something I’ll definitely be backing and it’s really a great deal as you only have to put up 20 to get one, and they’ve even have them in a few different colors. The ChargeCard is looks to be a must-have gadget when you’re on the go; if you’re interested in hearing more about it hit the link below or check out the video.

The ChargeCard Project

Kickstarter Page

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