Kid Picks: Karl’s Castle from Wolkenlenker UG

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a Kids Picks, but we’re back this week with a great interactive storybook called Karl’s Castle from Wolkenlenker UG.karls castle android game Karl’s Castle is an interactive adventure that lets your child’s imagination run wild in a fairytale land. Getting around Karl’s Castle is as easy as swiping a finger, and the pinch/zoom function works well to let you a bit closer or view the whole castle. As far as the “interactivity” is concerned, there’s a lot of it. There are over 70 different things to interact with to go along with 50 quirky characters. Basically you can interact with almost anything you see. With a simple touch you can make horses neigh, pigs oink, and minstrels sing. Karl’s Castle has a few mini-games as well, there are three in all and they can be accessed whenever you see an exclamation point over a characters head. Anyone with a kid knows how well a “good” interactive storybook or app can entertain your child, and Karl’s Castle definitely fits that bill. There are plenty of things to click on (the minstrel and dog were my favorites), and the animations & sounds should keep your child entertained for quite a while. I do wish there were a few more mini-games, but overall it’s a nice app for kids with no IAP’s or hidden purchases. There’s no free version of Karl’s Castle at this time, but the full version can be yours for only $2.99.

Karl’s Castle

Wolkenlenker UG

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