Kid Picks: Pettson's Inventions for Android

There are quite a few games out there that let you build Rube Goldberg machines or clever contraptions, but not many if any are geared towards children. Pettson’s Inventions from Filimundus AB is the newest game to let you build ingenious inventions and it’s a welcome addition to the genre. Pettson’s Inventions puts you to work helping Pettson and his friend Findus build crazy contraptions with the ultimate goal of building a flying machine for Findus. The levels are laid out on a board of sorts and when you click one you’re taken to a stage with a piece of paper, a switch, and some objects to the side.  You basically drag the objects where you think they go in the picture (belts on pulleys, etc…) then flip the switch when you think you’ve got it right. Every time you complete a level you’re given a cog as a reward that you’ll use in the final puzzle to finish out Pettson’s Invention. As for the individual levels there are 27 in all and they vary from pulling carts to using a seesaw to reach an apple. The puzzles are all easy enough for children to enjoy, but the grown folks can have a bit of fun with it as well. Pettson’s Inventions is a great game for kids as it’s much easier than the “adult” contraption building games, but still offers a challenge. The game has a really cool atmosphere and the levels, animated characters, and background music all mesh together nicely. I also liked the animations you get when completing a level and the voice acting is great something I thinks kids will really enjoy. If you have kids it’s a game you should definitely check out. There’s no demo available at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Pettson’s Inventions for $1.99.


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