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Kid Picks: Piñata Piñata! From Red Fly Studio

by On

When you’re a kid going to birthday parties is pretty awesome, and I always got jazzed when there was a Piñata present. Piñata Piñata! is an Android game from Red Fly Studio that lets you take the joy of a Piñata everywhere you go and it’s a great way to keep the little ones occupied. Piñata Piñata! is the story of a Piñata and a candy monster by the name of Juan Pico. Juan loves candy, but he’s not that strong so he needs your help to bust open Piñata’s and free their delicious candies. Cracking open a Piñata is as easy tapping it as it swings across the screen and when the candy bursts out Juan goes to work. Juan’s arms may be a bit short, but he can jump like a kangaroo and you’ll need to direct his jumps towards the candy. After the candy timer runs out you get to collect coins that you can use in the shop to buy more Piñatas. Piñata Piñata! doesn’t have a lot of depth, but it’s perfect for kids with it’s simple gameplay and fun atmosphere. There are only 3 Piñatas to unlock which is a bit of a drag, but Juan Pico and the absence of in-app purchases make up for it. It might not be a game that they can play all day, but Piñata Piñata! is definitely good for some quick fun. You can pick up Piñata Piñata! for free on Google Play.