Kid Picks – Wizard of Oz: Hidden Differences

This week’s Kid Picks takes us to the magical land of Oz with Secretbuilders Games Wizard of Oz: Hidden Differences. This Android game is no ordinary puzzler though as you’ll get to hear audio narration through each and every level. Wizard of Oz: Hidden Differences is a game for kids aged 3 – 13 that follows the classic children’s tale we all know and love. Each level requires you to look at two pictures and find 8 ‘differences’ between them. There is a timer, and points are deducted if you touch the wrong thing; there are also hints, but it seems like you only get one per level. It’s a nice little setup that should be simple for little ones to navigate. The layout is what really sets the game apart as each level in Wizard of Oz: Hidden Differences has a scene from the book and audio excerpts. The illustrations look great and the audio is perfect for the magical world of Oz. By the numbers the game has 17 levels, and three difficulty settings that let you repeat the levels while switching things up a bit. The Wizard of Oz: Hidden Differences is a unique find the differences game that kids should enjoy. I’d have to disagree with the age range a bit as I had to use a hint so I can’t imagine a 3 year old being able to play this thing through unless he’s a genius baby. There’s a demo version of the game you can check out for free or you can snag the full version of The Wizard of Oz: Hidden Differences for $0.99.

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