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Kiz Studios releases Chuck the Muck for Android

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chuck.the.much-androidYou may not think “muck” is cute, but maybe that’s because you haven’t met Chuck the Muck. He’s a little blobby pile of muck, and he’s hungrier than a woodchuck. He doesn’t eat dirt or goo though as you might expect. Instead Chuck likes to chomp on crystals…Screenshot_2013-05-09-21-17-03Chuck the Muck is a physics-flinger that has you try and help a pile of muck eat a bunch of crystals. The way you’ll go about doing this is a bit different from other animal flinging games as Chuck can walk around a bit, and enjoys being shot from cannons. He also likes wearing costumes, and there are quite a few of them that can be unlocked with money earned in the game. The costumes are actually pretty cool as each one has a different power that can help you out including the Lunch Lady costume with double-farting power. In all, there are around 40 levels spanning 4 different environments in Chuck the Muck; there are also achievements, bonus levels, and hidden content sprinkled throughout the game. We’ve seen our fair share of physics games over the past few years, but Chuck the Muck is a nice change of pace with its 3D backdrops and quirky characters. We’re not sure how long it will take to burn through the 40 levels, but it’s a solid game that’s well worth a look if you dig physics-based games. You can pick up Kiz Studios Chuck the Muck for free on Google Play.

Chuck the Muck