Leaked Costco Internal Screenshot Reveals $289 Price Tag For 32GB VZW Galaxy Nexus

We still do not know the exact release date or pricing of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but thanks to various leaks and rumors, we now have a clearer idea how much the first Ice Cream Sandwich device will cost and when it will launch.  According to a leaked internal screenshot from Costco, the 32GB model of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless will retail for $289 on a two year contract. Since Costco has the tendency to undercut other major retailers, we expect the Galaxy Nexus to launch for $299 on Verizon for the 32GB model.  According to another recent rumor, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is slated to launch on November 21st, according to a leaked roadmap.  With the DROID RAZR launching November 11th and the HTC Rezound following it on the 14th, November will be a very busy and hopefully impressive month for Android.

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