Leaked photos and specs of an affordable Android 2.1 phone, possibly the HTC Aris

It looks like HTC is planning an Android device meant for medium end customers, if fellas at androidguys are to be believed. They just received a hot tip from a trusted source (as claimed by them) who has provided leaked photos and some spec highlights of an unknown unannounced HTC smart phone. Leaked HTC Aris The phone features the versatile Sense UI for HTC phones along with Android 2.1, something which is a must have for today’s android phones. Plus it features 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro USB card support, a 5MP camera and an optical joystick we have seen in many devices released this year by the company. What differentiates this phone from all the releases of super phones this year is the screen size. The word is that the screen might stretch only 2.5 or 2.8 inches diagonally. Now we know that HTC is also planning to announce Aris next week, it is very much possible that the specs we have discussed today belongs to HTC Aris only, unless we are caught by HTC in total surprise. HTC Aris side view HTC Eris front view HTC Aris Leaked Photos We know HTC tattoo, the lowest priced Android device from HTC which has 2.8 inch screen. So it makes 2.8 inches, the least preferred size among android wannabes. Plus, a company like HTC I think, would¬† not take any pride in going backwards in the very precious screen space real estate in touch screen phones. Right? The HTC also released their other low end phone this year in HTC Wildfire, which has 3.2″ screen and runs Android 2.1 with Qualcomm 528 Mhz processor. And while bringing another 3.2″ with android 2.1 would not be a great idea, replacing the age old HTC tattoo with another 2.8″ device running Android 2.1 does make perfect business sense. If it happens then, HTC will have a device running Android 2.1 in screen size as low as 2.8 to the maximum till date in HTC EVO ie 4.3 inches. Now that’s a good business strategy to rival Samsung who is also active in affordable range (with Samsung Galaxy Spica) to higher range (with Samsung Galaxy S). Back to HTC Aris, expect Wildfire like Qualcomm 528 Mhz processor to run the device, kind of minimum we expect in smart phones these days. Stay tuned to know more on this!

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