Legendary Troll Godfrey Elfwick Banned from Twitter for Ridiculing Leftists

If you’re an avid Twitter user with a propensity for the “right side of the Force”, you are probably aware of the fact that there’s an epic troll out there, Godfrey Elfwick respectively, a legend among right-wingers, and a guy (yes, I assumed his gender) who has gained a massive following for his hilarious bashing of snowflakes and leftists.

This dude has been already banished from Twitter in 2017 for the hate-crime of mocking sensitive types online, more precisely for violating Twitter’s terms of service about targeted abuse, or something along these lines. However, his account was reinstated and he continued his good work. Now, social media’s crackdown on conservatives murdered his online-persona forever, i.e. his account was permabanned, or zucced, or whatever:

He will be missed, yet his legacy of awesome satire will never be forgotten. Here are some examples:

“A person’s skin colour does not determine their ethnicity. I have light skin yet I know in my heart that I am black and act accordingly”

“When the next generation ask: what did YOU do when Trump came to power? I’ll proudly say: ‘I called him a Nazi while dressed like a vagina’”

“As a progressive middle class leftist, I demand the UK take as many refugees as possible and houses them in places I don’t visit very often”


I really enjoyed Godfrey’s tweets. They were satire at its best. By Twitter logic, The Onion should also be put out to pasture. I fear for a society that loses its sense of humor. The thing is, Twitter, just like Google and Facebook, is run by far leftist indoctrinated ideologues, and as such, are intolerant of, have extremely low thresholds of tolerance to any fact based criticisms, but especially intolerant of sarcastic, sardonic, prolific humor hypocrisy exposing torts, remarks, ie; intolerant of truth.

Truth be told, even if  Godfrey’s stuff was hilarious, it was actually quite mild.

While the hysterical Left calls for military coups, fancies themselves beheading the President, praises violent attacks on persons expressing opinions not fully approved by the Leftist orthodoxy, a person posing humor that not long ago would have been acceptable on Late Night shows is banned.

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