LetsTalk Offers Memorial Day Weekend Sales On Verizon Wireless Android Smartphones

In recent years, Memorial Day Weekend has become something more than a national Holiday honoring our veterans and a three day weekend off from work; it has come to mean great sales on many goods. LetsTalk recently announced that they will be holding a sale on Android smartphones sold by Verizon Wireless. Given the fact that they recently launched the Samsung DROID Charge, Xperia Play, and the LG Revolution, you may be having a hard time keeping up with the all the prices and features. However, if you do decide to purchase one of these devices, keep in mind that LetsTalk will be giving an additional 20% off for new Verizon Android devices, off of their currently discounted price. For example, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play you see above is currently $99.99, but after applying the coupon code (7c7f3319) it becomes only $79.99. Here is the official word coming from LetsTalk on the weekend sale:

Until May 31st, we have the following: • Free Overnight Shipping (This is actually for all carriers) • A 20% off coupon for all new Verizon Android Devices (coupon code = 7c7f3319) Here’s the rundown of top non-4G Verizon devices and their price relative to Amazon once the coupon is applied: • Droid X2 @ $119.99 (vs. $149.99 at Amazon, $199.99 at Verizon) • Droid Incredible 2 @ $63.99 (vs. $79.99 at Amazon, $199.99 at Verizon) • Xperia Play @ $79.99 (vs. $99.99 at Amazon, $199.99 at Verizon)

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