LG Announces The Optimus Pro and Optimus Net Mid-Range Android Smartphones

Earlier today, LG announced that they are preparing to launch two new Android smartphones in over 30 markets sometime this summer.  The devices include the LG Optimus Pro and the LG Optimus Net, both of which are mid-range devices packing decent specs.  Hopefully, the price for each will remain relatively affordable and inexpensive on a contract, as LG appears to be appealing to the masses, and not those who live on the cutting edge of technology. The LG Optimus Pro features a 2.8 inch touch screen display and directly below it is a portrait facing physical QWERTY keyboard.  With the Optimus Pro, LG is clearly targeting the form factor RIM popularized with the BlackBerry.  It’s not a surprise to see more and more manufacturers develop smartphones with such an appearance because in the end, you end up with a quick messaging phone with a small touch screen that targets a good portion of the smartphone community.  The Pro runs Android 2.3, sports a 800MHz processor, and will be available with a few color choices such as white, black, and titan. The LG Optimus Net sports a 3.2 inch touch screen display and is essentially identical to the Pro except it features a larger screen instead of a portrait keyboard.  Interestingly enough, some markets will have the option to add a slider QWERTY keyboard to the Net and NFC technologies.  Similarly to the Pro, it runs Android 2.3 and features an identical 800MHz processor.  Lastly, it will be available in only black and white. No word on pricing or exact launch locations at the moment, but I’m sure those details will be forthcoming.

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