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LG G-Slate, Dell Streak 7, and Samsung Vibrant 4G Receive Possible Release Dates

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According to a leaked memo by T-Mobile, the highly anticipated tablets and smartphone expected to launch shortly on T-Mobile have received expected launches. The Dell Streak 7, which should be available the soonest, is expected to launch on February 2 for an unknown price. Next, the latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, also known as the Samsung Vibrant 4G, featuring 4G connectivity, a front facing camera, and Froyo is expected to launch February 23. Lastly, the Android 3.0 running LG G-Slate is still far off on the horizon, as it is expected to launch in late March, specifically on the 23rd. Whether or not this large rumor pans out, it does give us an idea of the likely order in which these high-end tablets and smartphone will launch.