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LG Is Hosting An Event On December 1st, Could Introduce The LG Nitro HD

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According to a recent invitation being sent to several news outlets, LG is going to be hosting an event in a little over a week on December 1st.  The event is dubbed an exclusive launch event by LG Mobile.  Given that tidbit of information, we are likely going to see the introduction/launch of a smartphone (or possibly tablet?).  In recent weeks, there has been chatter regarding the LG Nitro HD for AT&T, which would be the American version of the high-end LG Optimus LTE.  The LG Optimus LTE has already launched in Canada with Bell, so it makes sense that LG is gearing up to launch the same smartphone in America under a different moniker. Another reason why we believe LG is going to introduce the Nitro HD on December 1st is because LG named the invitation image “LG Nitro.”  In any event, we will recap the day’s events on the First, and hopefully we will have a new and powerful Android smartphone to report.