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LG Nexus 4 White Version Photos Leaked

by On

lg nexus 4 Eye candy, a delight for your senses, that’s how I will describe the LG Nexus 4, whose photos were officially “leaked” today. It seems to be a trend lately, just like in tabloids, of manufacturers officially “leaking” photos of their devices. Until now , we needed paparazzi to do the job, now this seems to be a new marketing tool. God, I hate paparazzi…Moving on, the white version of the L Nexus 4 surfaced today on the internet and it looks absolutely stunning. The design department from LG was busy lately, or so it seems. There were many un-official rumors about the Nexus 4, photos of the beast appeared in the wild, but until now, nothing official, LG kept its mouth shut. And now, Android Police, a kind of digital paparazzi (the worst kind in my opionion, just kidding) claimed to have obtained a set of official photos of the white LG Nexus 4. Checking out the photos, even if they are not in high-quality resolution, we can see the Nexus 4 in its entire splendor. The smartphone looks great folks! “They say” that the Nexus4 is to be launched on June 10 and high-hoping nerds are expecting it to be shipped with Android 4.3 on board. Talking about positive thinking… I don’t want to burst bubbles, but judging from the latest developments at Google’s I/O developer’s conference, that hypothesis is kind of unrealistic. Anyway, moving along with the chit chat, it is said that the LG Nexus 4 will be shipped in two versions, with 8 GB and 16 GB of internal storage. Yep, no 32GB version folks, deal with it! Also, the model number of the white whale was changed, from the initial E960 to E960W.   Source: AndroidPolice