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LG Nexus 5 in the works? Definitely maybe!

by On

lg nexus 5 Despite the fact that LG’s CEO Kim Wong declared in an interview this week that they are not considering the LG Nexus 5 a top priority for the company, rumors surfaced about the fact that the Koreans are actually busy working on a prototype right now. Sneaky little Koreans, tricksy, false… LG is so secretive about the LG Nexus 5 project, they even made a statement, vowing they are not working on the Nexus 5, but they may be, in the foreseeable future, well, hmm. Until now, things look pretty clear, I never had sex with Monica Lewinsky  , LG and Nexus 5 are parallel lines. But guess what, “they say”, already, that the LG Nexus 5 prototype is in the works right now. Let’s define “they”, shall we? They are, a Korean website, with a proven track record when it comes to insider industry information. They should know, they live there, isn’t it? Duam states that LG Nexus 5 is in the works in a secret military lab, guarded by Gojira and Kim Jong Un. I am kidding, maybe, but Duam claims that LG is working on that super secret squirrel project for a month now. Presumably, Larry Page is the only quai-loh that has ever seen the device, besides LG’s R&D team. These are the rumors, who should we believe? The fact is that LG did not deny the possibility of a Nexus 5 in the future, they just denied working on such a device right now. Let’s see what Wong had to say about that, let me quote: “The Nexus 4 was a great success despite the production problems for us and Google. However we do not need such a marketing success again.” Yeah, right, LG doesn’t need to be successful in the future, they are just printing money to pay their bills, just  like the FED does here. So, the Nexus 4 was a great product sold in over 3 million units, even if it was plagued by production issues, but LG doesn’t need that kind of business in the future. To me, it looks like LG is working on the new Nexus 5 and chose to be very hush-hush about it; I wonder what’s up with Motorola’s Moto X… Source: DAUM