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LG set to release a Flexible OLED display this year

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LG.Logo-androidWe’ve heard a lot about flexible displays over the past year, and it looks like LG is going to beat everyone to the punch as they’re set to release the first Flexible OLED display later this year. Flexible displays are certainly an exciting prospect, and something phone fanatics have been drooling over since rumors started circulating and tech demo’s started showing up at CES. Before you get too excited about LG’s announcement, one must remember that we have no idea what kind of “flexible display” we’ll see as there are several  different ways LG could go with a Flexible OLED display. The tech isn’t far enough along to where we’ll see a foldable phone just yet, but we curved display or a screen that wraps around the sides of the phone a bit. Today’s news is great if you love Tech or are gearing up for an upgrade towards the end of the year. I thought Samsung would be the first company to produce a flexible display, but unless Sammy has something up their sleeves it looks as if LG is going to beat them to the punch. We can’t wait to see what LG produces later this year, and if they can keep up with demand as the first smartphone with a cool Flexible OLED display is going to sell like hotcakes. Source: The Verge