Life Changing Apps You Might Have Not Heard Of

Smartphones are incredibly popular and most people rely heavily on them and the apps that they install. Apps like Google Maps, Uber, and National Rail can guarantee you will be at your destination on time, while others like Twitter and Facebook make it easier to connect with friends. The world of Android app development is filled with many new apps – so much so that even some life-changing apps can get lost in the shuffle.

Check out the apps below – you might find them to be very useful.


This weather forecast app will not just tell you the weather. It will also offer a guide about the very clothes that you should wear, based on daily conditions. This ranges from accessories to footwear. The name is a play on words of the common “sweater, jacket or coat” question.

Daily Art

Do you want to have your own art gallery on your smartphone? If you love art, this is a must. Daily Art will focus on various classic masterpieces with great stories every single day. You get something art-related on a daily basis.


Smartphones are always associated fast-paced on-the-go living, but mobile phones can also be a relaxation tool. With the use of Calm, you can enjoy easy-to-use meditation tactics that can improve your mood while you relax and even sleep better. You can get meditation practices that range from 2 minutes to 10 minutes, so even the busiest of users can relax.


Moves was created on the premise that the smartphone should do something that is highly useful since it is always with us. It will track every single move that you make and will then tell you a story about what you did. This includes the steps that you took and even the calories that you burned. You are not restricted to having the phone in your hand. You can also simply put it in a pocket or in a handbag.


During the ‘90s, people were highly interested in speed-reading and now this concept is making a comeback. With Spritz, you can learn how to scan text at the huge rate of 1000 words per minute by flashing keywords in the same spot. It helps users become more efficient at reading. The app can teach how to speed read anything from newspaper articles to books, and more.


There are many photos you have that just need a caption. Adding text to your images can separate the amateur from the professional. When you use Over, you gain access to a useful solution that lets you easily add visually impressive, custom-made fonts to the pictures.

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