Hollywood has long been known as a place of dreams, until the undead took over that is. Gameloft’s Zombiewood is a true tale of terror as pesky Zombies have invaded Hollywood and it’s up to you to blast, boil, and zap them back to hell. Zombiewood lets you step into the role of a Stuntman who’s trying to make it big in Hollywood, and doesn’t seem to mind the Zombie Apocalypse. The missions are interesting as they are actually “movies” that are broken down into scenes with different objectives. The Objectives range from taking out zombies to finding hidden treasures or upgrading weapons. You’ll need to stay alive to accomplish anything of course which is made a little easier with your unique arsenal and dual wielding abilities. By the numbers Zombiewood offers gamers 11 different movies, 10 game modes, and 20 insane weapons. There’s plenty of zombie action to take on, and more is scheduled as “coming soon” which will be awesome as Zombiewood is a very slick game. Zombiewood is a great new Zombie shooter and the kooky Hollywood setting just makes things even better. The graphics are great, the controls are as good as they can get, and Zombiewood is really just a blast to play. If you dig Zombies you’ll definitely want to pick up Gameloft’s Zombiewood and you can get it for free on Google Play.

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