Minecraft is a worldwide hit and if you haven’t played it you’ve obviously been living under a rock for years. As with any great game, people are going to put out similar ones and such is the case with Minecraft. There’s a fine line between something new and a copycat, but we found 5 Android games that take block building to all new heights. The bottom line is if you enjoy Minecraft, you definitely won’t want to miss out on these 5 slick block building games.

1. Block Story

The top spot on our list goes to a little game called Block Story from Mindblocks. Why does it deserve to be numero uno? How about 85 different creatures that range from Megalodon’s to Dragons and Squirrels. If that’s not good enough you also have 25 quests to develop your character and endless infinite worlds including hell, biomes, and floating islands. It’s a very cool game, and the only complaint I have is that I can’t play it on my PC… it’s that good. You can check out Block Story Lite for free or snag the full version for $5.00.

2. Minebuilder

Minebuilder is an oldie, but a goodie and a game I’ve been playing off and on for quite some time. Just like Minecraft you get to craft and build all the things to make your own little utopia or dystopia depending on how you roll. This one gives you multiplayer, it’s still being updated regularly, and new features are being added. You can checkout Bram Buurlage’s Minebuilder for free on Google Play.

3. BlockWorld

BlockWorld lets you do all the things you know and love in Minecraft, but it also has a few tricks up its sleeves compared to other games on our list. BlockWorld has 4 different sizes of blocks, an advanced quest system, and several different “visual styles” to choose from with Cartoon, HD, and Retro. There are 3 versions of this bad boy available to downdload with the lite version, 2D lite version, and the full version for $4.99.

4. PetraVis

PetraVis will let you build blocky worlds until your heart’s content. You can build worlds, tear them down, count piggies, blow stuff up with TNT, or just fly around and check things out. This one has rails, torches, ladders, and several different types of terrain ranging from flat to spherical. You can give the free version of PetraVis a go or pick up the full version for the low price of $0.99.

5. DroidCraft

DroidCraft is one of the oldest games to make our list so it’s not new (and not updated…grrr) but still a good one. DroidCraft is similar to Minecraft as it lets you dig, build, and fight but there’s plenty of things that set the two games apart. I’ve played this one on and off for awhile now, and its well worth a look if you dig Minecraft. The free version is pretty limited, and the full version will set you back $1.99.

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