If you’re a fan of the classic movie Old School today is an awesome day as I just received an email from the folks at Appbackr regarding an upcoming Old School video game! If you think this sounds as awesome as I do or if you’re a little confused read on to see how you can make this game a reality. The Old School game is a Tower Defense game where you’ll have to protect your frat house along with your stock of hooch. You’ll have to defend your house, keep the booze supplied and catch any uninvited party crashes headed your way. The game is played with a “Top Down” perspective  and will feature 2 modes of play along with 40 levels, achievements, and plenty of social sharing. Little is known about the weapons and upgrades, but they did mention “Spanish shooting beer-pong balls” so use your imagination with the weaponry. If you’re not familiar with crowd funded games you’ve been living under a rock, and out of all the crowd funding sites Appbackr is my personal favorite. The site is different from others as it actually “pays out” when you help fund a game. In a nutshell, you donate money which “buys” copies of the game, and you’re paid back when the game goes live and the copies sell. You’re paid back an amount based on the percentage you donate; Old School has a 36% return which means if you donate the minimum amount of 10 bucks you’ll get back 14 dollars when your copies sell. There’s a little more to it than that, and you can read more about it on their site.

I’m backing this one myself, and think a lot of others will too as I believe this will be a big hit if they do it justice. No word if Frank the Tank, The Godfather or my Boy Blue will be featured, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out. Check back with us later for more on this awesome project as I’ll keep updating this story as more news is released. If you want to read more about the game or fund it just hit the link below. And yes, I know it says iPhone but rest assured we’re getting it for Android…

Old School the Game


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