Monstrous is a puzzling new Android from Liquid Gameworks that’s bound to leave you scratching your head more than once. This puzzler drops you into the mysterious Demon realm, and puts you to work taking out the deadly demons. The gameplay mechanic is what makes this game interesting as it will turn your world upside down… literally. Monstrous uses gravity as you’re means of movement, and you’ll move your character by rotating the screen with your finger. You can flip/turn the screen which “moves” your character through the maze. Each level is full of monsters and you’re goal is to land on them without falling off the screen. The controls are simple, but deceptively so as I swear the game does some kind of hoodoo on your brain. It’s very easy to maneuver you’re character through the level, but that doesn’t stop you from moving the wrong way and falling pretty often.  You can zoom out to check your place in the level, but it’s still tricky nonetheless. The levels are timed, but I don’t believe there is a time limit and there are 30 levels in the game with more listed as coming soon. There aren’t any real extras to speak of, but I’m ok with that as I’ve seen enough Openfeint logos to last two lifetimes.


Monstrous is a fun little puzzler with great style and a killer soundtrack. As simple as it seems, it’s one of the trickier puzzles games I’ve played of late and it’s quite a bit of fun. There isn’t a free version available at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Liquid Gameworks Monstrous for only $0.99 cents on Google Play.  

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