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Little Nick: The Great Escape Review

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little.nick.escape-android We’ve seen a lot of movie tie-in games lately, and quite a few of them have been endless runners. Little Nick: The Great Screenshot_2013-06-17-01-34-48 Escape is another new running game, but it’s a bit different than the rest as it’s based off of a popular children’s television book series. Little Nick: The Great Escape comes from Le petit Nicolas, a popular series of French children’s books that were made into an animated series and film. The game has you take control of Nicholas as he zips through neighborhoods and wastelands on his bicycle while trying to avoid Old Spuds. The game uses tile controls for steering while you’ll swipe to jump over and slide under obstacles. You’ll also want to snap up any coins or ice cream cones you see – ice cream adds time to your ride and the coins are for the shop. The shop setup in Little Nick: The Great Escape lets you buy power-ups along with unlockable characters, Screenshot_2013-06-17-01-34-06bikes, and costumes. The prices are good on the power-ups, but a little high in other areas. If you’re good enough you shouldn’t have to spend a penny to unlock everything, but it’s going to depend on your skill level. The game seems to have plenty of missions, and there will be monthly challenges as well. I had heard of Le petit Nicolas growing up, but Mercer Mayer and Little Golden Books were more my thing. The books may not be known to me, but Little Nick: The Great Escape is a great way to introduce the character to people. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, but solid and it’s a nice family friendly game. If you’re a fan of the series or just want to check it out, you can pick up Bulkypix’s Little Nick: The Great Escape for $1.99 on Google Play.

Little Nick: The Great Escape