Loadcomplete releases BumpingBears for Android


BumpingBears is a quirky new game from LoadComplete that lets you raise bears who live on donuts. When I say “live on donuts” I don’t mean they eat them to survive… these little bears actually live on top of the donuts. Who knew? BumpingBears follows the story of Bues and Bera who are two bears that need a little help as they’ve been overrun by little bears. They’ve hired you to be a donut bear guardian, and once you set your profile up it’s off to raise donut bears. BumpingBears is an energy based game which means every action you take will cost you a little juice and you’ll have to wait for it to build back up when it runs out. There are many different actions you’ll have to undertake to raise your lil’ bear like feeding, working, training, and even dating. Some of the actions will let you take on mini-games, and there’s also a social aspect to the game so you’ll be rewarded for visiting friends’ donut planets. You can use any monetary rewards you earn in the game to train and upgrade your bear. Bears are often known to be lazy, but not in this case as you’ll want your bear to have a job and there are many to choose from with the “job cards” in BumpingBears.


BumpingBears is a virtual pet game that’s all about the bears. While this isn’t necessarily my cup of tea gaming wise, it does seem like a solid virtual pet game that I think a lot of folks will enjoy. The bears are cute, and the game has a lot going on with all the mini-games and different actions you can take. If you love bears or even donuts you’ll probably want to give this one a look. You can pick up LoadComplete’s BumpingBears for free on Google Play. BumpingBear Loadcomplete  

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