If you are a motoring enthusiast and keen to keep tabs on the used car market, or if you are actively seeking to buy a car, the Motors App is an essential download. Many apps are more gimmicky than purposeful, therefore not worth the download fee.  The Motors App is not just practical, it’s also free.  Many people familiar with the used car market will most likely be acquainted with motors.co.uk – the second biggest used car classified ads network in the UK. Motors.co.uk has become a mainstay of the used and new car markets for both buyers and sellers, with its easy to use format and its recent attempts to utilize different platforms such as the App. It has a database of 160,000 vehicles and therefore strives to bring buyer and seller together in an ideal match. Whether you’re looking for a rare Lotus sports car or a more commonplace big brand saloon, you’ll find the service eminently useful.  A car like a Ford Focus can come in many different guises: diesels, old, new, different colors and different specs.  To pin down your ideal model you need a capable search engine with a vast database, as exhibited in the form of the Motors App. The Motors App is an update of the older download which has ironed out any former glitches.  It’s downloadable to your iPod, iPod touch, iPad or anything with iOS 3.0 or later as well as Android. The search terms encourage you to input specifications such as Make, Model, Location, Distance, Body Style and Min/Max Price.  Save and shortlist your favorite models, share with others and whittle your selections down to a chosen few. Motors.co.uk is a service equally effective for the prospective seller: you can now advertise your car on motors.co.uk for free (limited period only).  The Motors App facilitates the coming together of buyer and seller in a perfect match – an uncommon feat if you limit yourself to local forecourts and more limited classified ads.

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