Lookout Security for Android issues a fix for the Galaxy S3 Security Flaw

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone, and the Note series isn’t too shabby either. The recent Galaxy S3 security flaw has definitely irked some Samsung owners, but now it looks like there’s a bit of a fix thanks to Lookout Security‘s Android App. In case you’ve been living under a rock the Samsung Galaxy S3 security flaw has been a pretty hot topic. The phone does have a few security issues, but the most glaring one involves the lockscreen/emergency call button. The flaw allows shifty people to gain access to your apps & data by pulling off a quick key combo and while Samsung has said that a fix is on the way, it looks like Lookout Security beat them to it. Lookout’s fix isn’t a permanent one, but it will fix the issue for now until Samsung finally releases their official fix. Samsung’s a great company and it’s no secret I’m a fan of their products as every phone I’ve owned has been in the Galaxy series. I’ve not been particularly concerned about the security issue due to the way I use my device along with the way I’ve set it up, but can definitely see why the lockscreen flaw has irked the majority of S3 owners. We’ll let you know when an official fix has been released, until then you can pick up Lookout Security & Antivirus (or update it) if you’re concerned about the security flaw. Source – PhoneArena

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