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Watching your weight is no easy task, and keeping any goals you set can seem difficult to impossible at times. Inspired Apps just put out an Android App to make dieting (and sticking to it) much easier in the form of My Diet Coach Pro. The free version has been out for awhile and is very popular, but the Pro version brings some new features to the table.

The Breakdown…

The three main sections of the app are the Diet Planner & Calendar, Diet Journal, and Weight Tracker. The Diet Planner & Calendar lets you personalize your diet plan by defining you own meals, exercises, and events. Once you’ve entered the details you’ll be able to reuse them without having to re-enter them again. You can also set reminders and check off recurring meals or activities in your diary. The journal helps you to keep track of everything you eat and any activities you do as well as tracking your caloric intake. The calorie calculator tracks hundreds of foods including fast food restraints like Mickey D’s. The weight tracker is pretty self explanatory as it lets you record your weight loss progress over time. There are some other cool features as well like motivational aids, diet reminders, and perseverance tips to keep you on-track with your diet. Overall, the app is a breeze to use and while it’s geared towards women certain aspects of the program will work for guys too.


My Diet Coach Pro is one of the better dieting apps I’ve checked out, and there are plenty of features included to help you keep to your diet. I really like the way the app is laid out as all the menus look great, and it’s a very easy app to use. The whole “reminder” aspect of the app is great too; a lot of people have issues actually remembering to exercise or to not eat at certain times, and I could see My Diet Coach being a big help in this area. There is a lite version of My Diet Coach you can try or you can go ahead and grab the full-featured Pro version for $1.99.

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