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Machineworks releases Painkiller Purgatory HD for Android

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Machineworks is best known for its port of Duke Nukem 3D, and they’ve just added another Android game to their catalog with Painkiller: Purgatory HD. Painkiller drops you into the limbo known as Purgatory and has you taking out ghouls, demons, and all sorts of horrible creatures as you await purification in the underworld. Painkiller: Purgatory is a first person shooter in the vein of Doom or Quake, and you’ll move your man about Purgatory is made (fairly) easy with dual joysticks. The game has 3 different modes of difficutly and plenty of weapons you can use to slay the monsters. Actually, I don’t know exactly how many weapons you get, but they do look pretty damned cool especially the whirling blade of death weapon you start out with. There are also boss battles and around 20 different achievements to unlock as you make your way through the game. I’m not sure how much depth there is to the game as I didn’t notice a level layout, and there’s no mention of it in the market description.


I really liked the graphics and overall atmosphere of Painkiller: Purgatory, but the controls were a little hard to work with for me. You can switch between dual and single joysticks, but something just seems off on my end; I’m not going to say the controls are janky (yet) as it may just be an issue with my device. The game has only been out a few days, so some clarity on that issue will come soon when the market comments start coming in. I’d recommend trying it for yourself, but there isn’t a demo version and we all know about the short refund window Google has. If you still want to check it out you can pick it up for $1.11 on Google Play.