Mad Catz gaming console will support Google Play out of the box

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When the Ouya was first announced, the idea was met with quite a few mixed opinions. Some felt the idea of an Android gaming micro-console was an odd proposition, others felt it was genius. Since then, we’ve seen quite a few companies rise up with their own Android gaming system offerings, such as the Gamestick or Bluestacks Gamepop. Now well-known accessory maker Mad Catz is jumping into the fray as well.

Just yesterday we reported that Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson had announced Project M.O.J.O. Now, thanks to IGN, we get a closer look at what to expect with the upcoming Android console.

First, its worth noting that the pictured device is a prototype, and while the looks could end up staying the same – the hardware specs aren’t 100% official just yet. We do know that the plan is for the M.O.J.O to feature 16GB internal storage when it ships, as well as microSD, Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (when the next Android version ships apparently), two USB ports, HDMI, a headphone port and Wi-Fi.

When it comes to controllers, the Mad Catz M.O.J.O will use a modified Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Bluetooth Controller and will also have support for mice and other peripherals. As for the processor? Mad Catz reports that they are investigating using the Tegra 4 in its final hardware, but hasn’t officially committed to any particular ARM processor.

What makes the Project M.O.J.O. different?

What really makes the Mad Catz console different from competitors is that they aren’t interested in creating a special app library or customized UI for it to work. Apparently the console will directly support Google Play and Amazon AppStore apps, right out of the box. Of course that also limits the possibility exclusives for the console — but regardless, having Google Play is nothing short of good news.

When it comes down to success in the micro-console market, it will likely be determined by a combination of factors such as games library, controller/console design and pricing. With a lighter form factor than even the Ouya and the full power of Google Play, Mad Catz is looking good when it comes to the first two factors.

As for pricing? If the system does come with a Tegra 4 processor, this will pretty much be guaranteed to cost more than the Ouya’s $99 price tag. Still, if Mad Catz can ensure it doesn’t cost too much more, it could have the chance to give its competition a real run for the money.

What do you think of the Mad Catz system, based on what we know? Provided its powered by a Tegra 4 processor, how much would you pay for it?

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Via: Android Authority

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