MadFinger’s Shadowgun now available for Tegra 2 Android Tablets

Previously released for the iPad, MadFinger which was known for their two Samurai game for Android has just released their latest game – Shadowgun. I’ve played this game on my iPad 2 and I can tell you right now that it’s one of the best-looking game in the iPad so far. From the solid gameplay, to the great graphics and flawless game physics, Shadowgun would definitely be a treat to play on your Tegra 2-powered Android tablets.

The game’s settings takes in 2350 where a corrupt intergalactic corporations are the rule of the law. You’ll take control of John Slade, one of the best Shadowguns. Your mission is to hunt down the Evil Dr. Edgar Simon. And the rest of the storyline goes on.

You’ll be able to use advanced weapons including shotguns, rockets, machine guns and all as you infiltrate the evil doctor’s laboratory to unravel the mystery behind the game’s story.

It’s a third-person shooter with the most advanced combat A.I. By advanced it means that the enemy AI are not easy to beat. I’m telling you, you can’t just run and go on straffing these enemies. Because if you do, they will fire back at you and since they are too many at times, you’ll end up dead and repeating a level over and over.

If you’re looking for a solid futuristic, shooting game to play on your Android tablet, Shadowgun is the game that you’ve been waiting for. Check it out from the Android Market now.


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