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Make Learning Fun with Alphabet School for Android

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As most parents know, teaching children anything can be difficult. They have the mysterious ability to block out most adult voices, and we’re pretty sure they’re bellies are full of jumping beans which makes them unable to sit still for even short amounts of time.  Android apps and games are a great way to pacify an antsy child, and if you can teach them something in the process it’s a win-win. If you want to keep your kid busy and teach them a thing or two there’s a new Android App called Alphabet School from Base 2 Solutions that you’ll want to check out. Alphabet School is a pre-school App that can teach your kids to recognize and write upper & lower case letters and numbers. The app uses voice prompts to encourage your child and give them praise or encouragement which enables them to learn by themselves if you’re busy taking care of other parental duties. There are a few different modes in Alphabet School as well with Letter & Jumble, Template draw, and Free hand draw. Letter & Number Jumble lets your children pick out letters and numbers from a jumbled pile while Template Draw mode uses voice prompts and templates to encourage kids to draw random letters and numbers. Free hand drawing is exactly what it sounds like, and lets your child practice drawing anything they like; there’s even a handy save feature that allows you to save those special drawings so you can keep them forever.


Base 2 Solutions wowed us a while back with their colorful puzzler Walkabout, and they’ve impressed us again with Alphabet School. The app is simple to use with a nice layout, and it will definitely help your children learn their letters & numbers. The voice cues and even the voice itself was impressive as well; most apps that go with human voices come out sounding like robots, and I’m guessing that nobody wants a robot to teach their children. In 20 years that may the norm as technology advances, but for now it’s nice to have a nice human voice on the learning end of things. There isn’t a free version of the app available to try at the moment, but the paid version is well worth the $0.99 cent price tag. You can pick up Base 2’s Alphabet School on Google Play.  

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