Make Photos Fun with Face Off for Android

When I hear the words Face Off I instantly think of the awesome movie with Nick Cage and Travolta, but now I also associate it with a new Android app of the same name by Tonuzaba Entertainment. Does their Face Off app let you dodge bullets in slow-mo like you’re in a John Woo flick? Nope, but it will let you see what you look like as Mona Lisa or Legolas.

Face Off is a photo manipulation app that lets you add your face to several funny templates quicker than you can say “Cheese”. You can use an existing picture or take a new one with you camera, the app as a whole is very simple to use. Once you have the perfect picture selected you’ll need to line up and adjust your eyes then the app takes care of the rest. Generally the app placed my face in the right spot every time, but you can use the “fine tuning” function to make things perfect. The fun comes in when you start selecting different backdrops, and Face Off has quite a few to choose from. A few of my favorites were Shrek, Anakin, Indiana Jones, the Terminator, and a Siberian Husky. There are around 50 templates in all, and the developers have stated that they’ll add new templates with every update.


Face Off is a cool photo app that’s simple to use and great for a laugh. They have a good selection of templates right now, and if they continue to add more I could definitely see the app becoming very popular. I only have one issue with the app thus far which is how pixely it makes your face look. I didn’t have any color issues like some folks, but I was pretty pixely. If the dev’s fix that issue Face Off will go from a “good” app to a great one. Pixels or not, it’s a free app and it’s quite a bit of fun. You can pick up Tonuzaba Entertainment’s Face Off for free on Google Play.

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