Make Push Notifications useful with PushBullet for Android

Android Games that use Push Notifications are generally disliked and with good reason. PushBullet is a new Android App that’s looking to change the way you feel about those annoying notifications as it allows you to push important info to your phone in just a few simple steps. I transfer a slew of things from my PC to my phone on a daily basis, and due to my current setup it’s always via the USB Cable which can be a pain at times. Emailing yourself info is one way to cut the cable, but using an app like PushBullet is so much easier. PushBullet “pushes” important information from your computer to your phone including lists, notes, addresses, files and links. It’s a super simple app to use as well; you just need to download the app, link up an email account, and then log in to the PushBullet website to start sending.  Simple, quick, and easy. I’ve been using PushBullet for several days now and really love the app. It does almost everything I want it to (extensions), and it does it flawlessly. I really can’t tell you how handy this is if you for sending small files to the phone, and the list function is extremely useful as well. I also like the way the address setup works with Maps; as you can see from the screenshot I had no problem finding Jack Torrance at the Overlook Hotel. Well technically it’s The Stanley (extremely ironic) but you get the drift. Needless to say, PushBullet is an excellent Android App and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. You can pick up PushBullet for free on Google Play.


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