There are thousands of different Android Apps out there that can alter your photos or change your overall appearance. They’ve got apps to make you fat, bald and of course there are apps to make you age. PiVi & Co. makers of the popular app known as Fat Booth have just released Aging Booth so now you can find out what you or your potential spouse might look like in another 20 years… As mentioned, the Aging Booth is easy to use as all you need to do is take/load a picture, adjust a few settings and prepare yourself to be amazed or disgusted lol. To say the app works well would be an understatement as I was actually shocked by how real it looked… and how old I looked. Let’s just say it wasn’t necessarily a happy surprise and I spent the next half hour trying to get a pic that makes me look like I’m aging gracefully. While I never did pull that off, I did end up getting a few hilarious pics that made me look like I’m the child of Ernest Borgnine and Walter Matthau. It also allowed me to name drop Ernest Borgnine in an Android article which is a feat unto itself to be honest.


All jokes aside, Aging Booth is a great little app and one that everyone should try at least once. I had fun with Fat Booth, but Aging Booth really blew me away with its realistic look and ease of use. It’s an app that’s great to break out when you’re with a group of friends, just be prepared for the fallout when they see your “aged” picture. If you dig photo manipulation apps or just want to have a great laugh, I highly recommend you head on over to the market and grab Aging Booth for free.

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