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Making Popcorn's Fun with Crazy Corns 3D

by On

Popcorn… some folks love it while others hate it. The kernels can get stuck in your teeth and it’s easily burnt, but it tastes great and is nice to have at the theater. Normally, I love popcorn but my feelings have changed a bit since being driven a little crazy after playing an Android game called Crazy Corns 3D HD from FrostScene. If you hadn’t guessed, this game is all about popcorn and your job is popping it. The premise and gameplay behind Crazy Corns 3D is simple; you just touch a kernel to pop it and turn it into delicious white popcorn. That’s about the only thing simple about this game as the kernels come at you fast and furious. You’re given three lives to start and each time you pop a kernel you’re given points while missing a kernel or hitting a black kernel will cost you a life. Touching kernels you’ve already popped will burn the popcorn and cost you points as well. Needless to say, it can get very tricky when the screen is full of popped corn, kernels, black kernels, and full ears of corn. Crazy Corns 3D has two modes of play with Classic & Timed mode, and utilizes the Scoreloop scoring system so you can check your scores against the best. I’ve gotten pretty good at the game, but how anyone got over 3,000 points is beyond me.

Crazy Corns 3D is a simple game to play, but once you pick it up your going to have a hard time putting it down. It will also frustrate the hell out of you, and keep you coming back for more which is great for everyone honestly. The animations and noises the little kernels make are hilarious, and while there isn’t a lot to the game it’s all very well done. I highly recommend this cool little time-killer, and you can find it in the Android market for free.