How to manage your music career from your smartphone

If there ever was a time to get in the music business – it’s now.

The internet, and social media in particular, have transformed the way people find and consume music, and made it possible for more people than ever to get their voice heard.

So, whether you’re thinking of going solo or want to take your local band to the next level, we’ve got some advice for you on how to manage your music career. No experience or money needed.

1.Create a website

Having a website might not seem like an important aspect of your music career, but it’s actually the one thing you should focus most on. All of your promoting, booking and streaming will be done on your website and it will be the platform your fans share and visit the most.

SITE123 is an incredible website builder that allows its users to create amazing, beautifully designed, fully responsive websites in minutes, and all its features can be managed on your smartphone as well. Its intuitive interface, easy to use features, as well as dozens of pre made layouts (some of them especially designed for bands and musicians) have already made it a favorite among people looking for a break in the entertainment industry.

Creating a website is easier than creating an account on most social media, and after choosing the layout and design you want, you can add all kinds of third party apps and widgets that will help you share your music and communicate with fans.

2.Stream your music

Finding that one song you like is hard when you’re browsing through a crowded streaming service such as Soundcloud or Add a Soundcloud widget to your website so your fans can stream and listen to your latest tracks directly from your website.

3.Promote your gigs

No need to print out posters and glue them all over town – you can now promote your gigs directly on your website. Add the Bandsintown widget and let your fans see where you’re performing next and allow them to book and buy tickets directly on your website from their smartphones.

4.Connect with fans via social media

Social media allows musicians to establish a close bond with their fan. Create profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and managed them from your smartphone, don’t be afraid from a little back and forth with your followers. People love entertainers that connect with their fans, and posting pictures and videos to social media is a great way to do that. Promote a gig, a new song or new merch on social media, and add links to your website. You can also add social media icons to your website so your fans can find you more easily.


These few things will definitely help you launch and manage your music career on your own. Skipping large record labels and going directly to your fans might seem scary, but being able to manage and organize it all alone is now easier than ever.

Ready to get your big break in the music industry? Create a band website now and take a look at all of these cool places you can promote your music online.

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