Manipal Digital releases 4 New Puzzle Play Games for Android


Puzzles are a great way to kill time and exercise your mind, and it’s one of the few games that people young and old can both enjoy. The Android market got hit with 4 new Puzzle Games a few days back as Manipal Digital Systems released a series of Puzzle Play games for kids with Puzzle Play Flowers, Animals, Birds, and Fruits. All the games work the same and have the same layout, they just have different themes. Puzzles can be set to easy, medium or hard and working them is as easy as simply dragging a piece to the right spot to match the picture on the screen. When you finish a puzzle the app says the item or animals name which works well to teach little ones about birds, plants, animals and flowers. The puzzles are timed, but have have no time limit and you’re able to track your scores through Openfeint as well as setup different names/accounts to play under so the kids won’t fuss over ruining each other’s scores.


The puzzles can be played by kids or adults, but are geared more towards kids as the puzzles are pretty simple to work. Adults can go for speed and high-scores though; I spent quite a bit of time flying through puzzles just to see how fast I could go. The background music is pleasant to listen to and overall I think kids or adults will be able to work these easily while still having fun. All the puzzles are free to download, there are some small ads but they don’t interfere with gameplay. You can check out Puzzle Play Flowers, Puzzle Play Birds, Puzzle Play Fruits and Puzzle Play Animals for free in the Android market.

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